MA - Art History

University of Bern
Master's Degree
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2 years
August February
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Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree from a university with a major or minor in Art History (120 and 60 ECTS credits, respectively)
  • Bachelor's degree from a university with a major in a different branch of study, provided additional coursework for a maximum of 60 ECTS credits is completed as one of the requirements for successfully completing the Master program.

*All requirements must be met before a student can be admitted to the Master program. All additional requirements must be met in order to complete the Master program.


The Master program consists of three advanced modules and art history electives. Each advanced module encompasses a lecture and a master seminar. The art history elective requirement can be met by attending specially labeled courses at the Institute of Art History, regardless of the student's main subject area or the type of course in question. The art history electives are designed to expand the student's knowledge in specific areas. The advanced modules and the art history elective courses include performance checks at the end of the courses.

The final phase of the program consists of a subject field module that encompasses a lecture, a master seminar and a research colloquium. This module also concludes with a performance check. Lectures and master seminars in at least two of the five subject areas must be completed during both phases of the program.

Excursions and internships are designed to enhance empirical research skills.

The Master program in Art History (major) is concluded with a master thesis and an examination in "Advanced Art History.

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