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About this course

About this programme

Building on the solid skills acquired for the Advanced Certificate, the Foundation Degree is designed to broaden both culinary expertise and managerial competencies. Practical assignments place a greater demand on organizational and managerial skills in order to prepare you for the second industry training


You will experience international cuisines from the five continents and will be exposed to a higher level of commitment in the preparation and presentation of menus. The goal of practical training is to enlarge your culinary “toolbox” by building on personal, professional and leadership skills to begin a successful career path.


Successful graduates can further their education towards a Bachelor Degree with Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)

Entry Requirements


Applicants must be 18 years of age or over, with 12 years of general education. Applicants with prior learning or work experience may also apply. A sound knowledge of spoken and written English is required, students who need to improve their English should enrol in the Undergraduate English Language Programme.