Foundation Degree Culinary Arts

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland
Lucerne, Switzerland
Foundation / Pre-U / A-level
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Entry Requirements


Applicants must be 18 years of age or over, with 12 years of general education. Applicants with prior learning or work experience may also apply. A sound knowledge of spoken and written English is required, students who need to improve their English should enrol in the Undergraduate English Language Programme.



Term 1


* Introduction to Culinary Arts*

o Product Knowledge & Handling

o Culinary Techniques 1

* The Art & Science of Food*

o Evolution of Food & Nutrition

o Hygiene & Sanitation

* French Language Level 1

* Leadership Programme


Term 2


* Introduction to Kitchen Management

* Best of European Cuisines*

o European Cuisine

o Culinary Techniques 2

* Baking & Pastry Arts 1

* French Language Level 2

* Leadership Programme


Term 3


* Kitchen Operations Management*

o Kitchen Management

o Culinary Techniques 3

* Buffet Preparation & Presentation

* Art & Science of Wine & Beverages

* French Language Level 3

* Leadership Programme

Term 4


* Cuisines from Classical to Fusion*

o International Cuisines

o Culinary Techniques 4

* Baking & Pastry Arts 2

* Food & Beverage Management

* Organizational Management*

o Organizational Behaviour

o Marketing

* Leadership Programme


Term 5


* Advanced Food Concepts*

o Menu Planning, Costing & Control

o Culinary Techniques 5

* Restaurant Service & Management

* Business & Legal Environment*

o Hospitality Law

o Entrepreneurship

* Leadership Programme




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