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About this course

About this programme

An introduction to the world of Culinary Arts, the Advanced Certificate provides the key skills and competencies you will need to begin a culinary career. The small classes and hands-on practical kitchens will develop your skills in preparation for your six months paid internship

The Advanced Certificate programme includes product knowledge, culinary techniques and cooking methods, nutrition and hygiene, the art of baking and pastry and buffet presentations. You will also be introduced to essential management skills, from creating and costing menus to managing people. Upon successful completion, you may continue onto the Foundation Degree programme

Entry Requirements


Applicants must be 18 years of age or over, with 12 years of general education. Applicants with prior learning or work experience may also apply. A sound knowledge of spoken and written English is required, students who need to improve their English should enrol in the Undergraduate English Language Programme.