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About this course


The Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management Program is designed for mature students who wish to change their direction of studies and enter the exciting field of hospitality management. The first six months are spent in school, learning basic hospitality competencies, partially in a vocational setting, while studying a theory at the same time. This will give the student hands-on training while giving them the newest concepts of management in an academic setting. The second six months are spent in a Swiss hospitality internship environment, either in an entry-level junior position or, depending on local language skills, in a minor supervisory function.

BHMS is a member of the Bénédict Switzerland group of schools, founded in 1928, whose mission is to provide adult education for people with a desire to succeed. Bénédict School is one of Switzerland’s largest private education organizations and is teaching each year more than 15,000 full and part time students.

You and your peers learn from a dedicated faculty, who in addition to their academic credentials, brings along know-how and experience in the business field. This ensures that what you learn in class is contemporary and can be applied in real world situations in a daily business environment.

Aim of the Program

A Post Graduate Diploma will give students a second career choice. Applicants with a hospitality/service related background are always well received when applying for a majority of positions worldwide.

Students gain an insight into food service and production, with some introductory courses in international hospitality management. A four to six month paid industrial training period will allow students to gain valuable workplace experience.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

- 21 years of age

- A completed post-secondary education

- English language skills at a level equal to IELTS 5.5