2 years
Feb Sep
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USD 34,047
EUR 30,879
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USD 34,047
EUR 30,879
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About this course

The Master Programme in Bioinformatics is designed for those of you who wish to focus on the exciting interdisciplinary field of bioinformatics, which combines computer sciences, mathematics and biology. Uppsala University possesses exceptional competence in bioinformatics and computer sciences. The tools and knowledge you will acquire as a student in this programme are central elements in many areas of research, such as studying the function of human hereditary characteristics or developing new types of pharmaceuticals.

Entry Requirements

  • All students in the programme will take the same courses during the first year. The introductory course consists of several components that present important concepts and methods within bioinforma­tics, followed by courses such as Genome Biology, Software Technology, Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics and Evolution Causes and Consequences.
  • In the second year, you will specialise in a bioinformatics field of your choice, for example, laboratory information management systems (LIMS), applied bioinformatics or population genetic analysis. The second year finishes with a degree project carried out at a company, government agency or authority, or at one of our research departments at the university.