4 years
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USD 43,481
KRW 54,352,000
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USD 43,481
KRW 54,352,000
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About this course

Mechanical Engineering is an engineering discipline that involves the application of principles of physics to designing and manufacturing of machines and systems which contribute to improve the quality of human life. It is one of the fundamental engineering fields, and requires a solid understanding of core concepts including mechanics, control, materials, energy, and so on. In recent years, mechanical engineering is affiliated with emerging technologies such as IT, NT, BT, and has become a more interdisciplinary field than ever. Today's mechanical engineering includes the field of robotics and mechatronics, micro-nano systems, devices and fabrications, computer aided design and manufacturing, virtual factory automation, thermo-fluid analysis using computer simulation, medical devices, environmental engineering, new energy, and more.

Entry Requirements

  • Qualifications accepted/recognised by the university.