German Language and Literature

Seoul National University
Seoul, South Korea
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
3 years
Tuition fee (local)
Information not available
Tuition fee (foreign)
Information not available

Entry Requirements

  • Admissions decisions are based on the overall evaluation of candidate’s academic achievements and potential as well as his or her personal accomplishments.
  • The admissions committee reviews a number of factors – academic records of previous studies such as Grade Point Average (GPA), study plan, personal statement, and letters of recommendation. Other achievements and specific qualifications such as language proficiency are also taken into consideration. The candidate’s application is reviewed in the context of the level of studies completed, quality of achievements, and characteristics of institutions attended. Finally, the appropriateness of the applicant’s academic goals and the suitability of preparation for the desired program is assessed.
  • Interviews, examinations, and/or additional documents may be required to the applicant, depending on the policy of the specific college or department. If the applicant is applying for the College of Fine Arts, the College of Music, the Department of Physical Education, or the Music Education or the Fine Arts Education Major, the applicant will be individually notified of any further requirement as necessary.


  • Translating German Texts
  • Readings in German Short Stories
  • Germanic Myths and Fairy Tales
  • Understanding German Linguistics
  • German Drama
  • German Poetry and Lied
  • German Fiction
  • German Literature and Performing Arts
  • German Conversation 3
  • Structure of German Language
  • German Culture Critics
  • German Grammar and Composition
  • German Conversation 1
  • German Conversation 2
  • Contemporary German Literature
  • Presentation and Discussion Skills in German
  • EU and German Culture
  • Thesis Writing on Subject of German Language and Literature
  • The History of the German Language
  • Readings in Faust
  • German Literary Theory
  • Modern German Literature

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