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Orita Sinclair School of Design, New Media & The Arts, Singapore


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About Orita Sinclair School of Design, New Media & The Arts

Orita Sinclair is not an average local art/design school. Orita Sinclair believes in doing things differently to their students' advantage. Each Orita Sinclair Diploma Programme student is privileged with the enjoyment of small class sizes and a high teacher-to-student ratio (1:10 on average). This leads to an open, discussion-driven learning environment with much room for personal development and learning opportunities, drastically shortening the learning process.

Industry professionals drive a hands-on studio practice: all Orita Sinclair’s educators are practicing designers or artists— Orita Sinclair has no full-time lecturers, by choice. This means that students learn practical skills and glean worthwhile advice from real designers and artists of varying disciplines. Orita Sinclair keep abreast of new trends, and believes that there is a need for curriculum to be current, flexible and constantly updated—this is where Orita Sinclair industry advisory council steps in to advise us, and Orita Sinclair translates this into what and how Orita Sinclair teaches students.

Orita Sinclair believes that art/design/new media education should be portfolio driven—project briefs in class are designed to simulate client briefs in the real world. Orita Sinclair sets much store by helping students to build up a substantive portfolio that will place students in good stead when the time comes for students to meet prospective clients and employers. Finally, Orita Sinclair inculcates in students more than technical ability: Orita Sinclair believes that students of the arts need to learn how to consistently generate great ideas, and Orita Sinclair hone students’ instincts and reflexes to this end. Step into the industry of students’ choice with a clear understanding of real-world requirements, boosted by the mentorship of practicing designers/artists, equipped with both a strong portfolio and a creative mind.

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