9 months
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USD 4,490
SGD 6,300
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USD 4,490
SGD 6,300
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About this course

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration is specially designed for participants who wish to pursue further studies in business administration and may eventually take up the Master of Business Administration programme. It has been designed as an intensive programme to help such applicants meet the right level of knowledge required to undertake the Masters programme.

The course aims to equip students to work as senior managers within a variety of organizations. In addition, and more generally, the course aims to provide a challenging, stimulating and self-rewarding study environment, develop a range of key skills by means of opportunities provided in the study units and accommodate student needs in relation to maximising their career potential by enabling them to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in their chosen subject area.

Entry Requirements

  • A degree or similar professional qualifications from a recognised university / institution.
  • Alternatively a diploma from a recognised higher institution of learning or polytechnic with at least 2 years of relevant working experience.