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Almaarefa University

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Anonymous reviewer

6 months ago


Al-Maarefa University as it stands today is well-position as teaching university given the presence of highly qualified faculty, dynamic administrative staff and motivated students. The institution has acquired vast array of modern instructional equipment such as smart board classrooms, modern laboratories and libraries to facilitate teaching. The syllabus that has been designed for the various disciplines pursued in the university are rigorous and are in line with the requirements of the job market encompassing both the public and private sectors of Saudi Arabia. For a decade now, the institution has proved its mettle as a formidable center of teaching and moderate research pursuit. Its students’ admission procedure tends to help in attracting qualified students that can be retained to complete their studies and become professionals in various fields of specialization. By setting up students clubs and professional societies in the university, the institution allows students to interact with their counterparts both within and outside the university. This is desirable as students exhibit their fullest potentials through self-actualization and ventilation of ideas when they interact. On the whole, Al-Maarefa University is an ideal place for learning and attaining the qualifications needed to become a solid professional in your chosen field


As a young institution, Al-Maarefa University should continue striving to maintain its academic reputation by adopting strategies that would make the university greater. Students should be introduced to the fundamentals of research. This approach will instill in them the spirit of problem-solving and critical thinking. These two qualities will tremendously assist them to become highly regarded in their fields. Employers need staff that will solve various challenges at their places of work. The university should also forge partnership with its immediate community. By engaging and coming closer to the community, considerable developmental and environmental challenges in the community will be solved or at least assuaged.

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