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Open University Malaysia (OUM)
MQA recognized degree. Some degree is even recognized by JPA. People who just want to upgrade their qualification People who are like me who do not wish to commit to full time program. Freedom of choice Syllabus are greatly structured into a module guide, no expensive textbooks to buy. (A huge plus) Administration is relatively simple and straight to the point (A huge plus as many universities are plagued with red-tape and administrative problems. ECRM service by Open University Malaysia solves literally most of the problems I faced. No favoritism among students and lecturer. (A HUGE merit for me) You don’t him and I don’t know her. One of the most affordable private undergraduate programs out there. The assignment is uniformed and simple to understand. (Mostly essay between 2500 words-3000 words) and a question to answer. People who want alternative education. The pace of study is decided by your own. (you can take 2 subject – 4 subjects per semester based on your own free t
Taylor’s University
great environment will have u feeling like you are in a resort, there's a lot of convenient stores like family mart and 711. The library is also nice, they have a new cafe in the library now which is a new spot for the students to hang out.And there is a lot of clubs you can join like muay Thai and scuba diving etc.
Engineering Institute of Technology
Studied Advanced diploma level. Delivery method is flexible, instructors/lecturers are knowledgeable in their field.
UCSI University
The workshop is useful for me. Through this workshop, I had learn how to communicate well with others. This is will help me a jot in my future career. Beside that, I also can make more friends through the effective communication skills. i learn in this workshop. I look forward to join this workshop again.Thank you very much for organizing this event in our university
INTI International University
Pros: Good environment, close to nature Most lecturers are good, well equipped with knowledge in their respective fields of study Alot of international students, great for widening horizons and making new friends esp thru clubs State hospital located just 1km away from uni Cons: Very little entertainment outlets (you need about 45mins to an hour drive to KL) Management is very bad and doesn't know how to make good decisions to uphold students and staff's wellbeing Management team spends too much money on advertising university but doesn't want to spend money to upgrade facilities such as computer room etc. (AL3 computer rooms) Some lecturers doesn't really want to teach students at all, they are only there for the pay check at the end of every month
Welch College
Their educational system was adequate and the teacher to student ratio was good. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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