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Almaarefa University
Al-Maarefa University as it stands today is well-position as teaching university given the presence of highly qualified faculty, dynamic administrative staff and motivated students. The institution has acquired vast array of modern instructional equipment such as smart board classrooms, modern laboratories and libraries to facilitate teaching. The syllabus that has been designed for the various disciplines pursued in the university are rigorous and are in line with the requirements of the job market encompassing both the public and private sectors of Saudi Arabia. For a decade now, the institution has proved its mettle as a formidable center of teaching and moderate research pursuit. Its students’ admission procedure tends to help in attracting qualified students that can be retained to complete their studies and become professionals in various fields of specialization. By setting up students clubs and professional societies in the university, the institution allows students to inter
Cyberlynx International College
I have been teaching in this college for the last 12 years and the Diploma in Football Studies is a dream course for many students and this course has an excellent career path.
UCSI University
Affordable tuition fee. Daily expenses are not that high compared to other university areas. Have more exposure to community projects if you are a scholarship holder.
Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia
Staff members are very friendly and helpful. A simple email goes a long way when it comes to student services. Some local lecturers are extremely helpful towards their students and have very good knowledge in their field of study but only some.
Hong Bang International University
have fun, waste time, come late to class, miss classes, chat with friends, dont have to do homework, use cell phone in class, everyone passes regardless, no need to work here, hot halls and no ac until 5 minutes before class-this way you are all wet and fell awful and makes you unhappy, you have to pay to park, you have so many different teachers you dont know what is going on, get a degree without really learning anything

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