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Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL)
Located in center on KL, friendly people, good marketing to enroll students. Other than that not much of positive highlights so far, only disappointments.
James Cook University
The cantine is good and the people in there are hard working. It's hard to find anything else positive to say about this university compared to the price you pay to attend.
Brickfields Asia College (BAC)
BAD ADMINISTRATIVE SYSTEM SINCE DAY 1; When it comes to recruiting it's rocket fast, but anything else including refunds and classroom arrangments etc., it's really disheartening. Very disappointed. I was not the only person facing such an issue. Ask around the seniors!
Taylor's College
Taylor's college has a great environment to study. It has a few different program to choose, like A-level, SAM and some more. The teachers were also very nice and friendly, they care a lot about the student. We can make a new friend with a local student and international student. It also has good facilities for the students, like the laboratories and libraries.
INTI International College Subang
- Many co-curricular activities are available. Lacks variation though. - Friendly lecturers. Some of them are quite helpful and provide lots of feedback if you ask. - Comfortable study environment with several facilities. This is probably the best perk of INTI. - Stationed in a super convenient area. LRT station for transportation, many places to eat, has banks, supermarkets & convenience stores, etc. - Has lots of different types of events. - Generally a good university to look forward to if you like fun.
Taylor’s University
Its up to you to trust my review, but here is my honest opinion after spending more than 4 years as undergraduate engineering student here. 1. When comes to money, this university is always punctual on payments and ensure all fees get paid, but when comes to funding events etc., it seems impossible or extremely hard to get any support from the university before the change of management in recent years. 2. Social life is great, students are lively and constantly organizing events or campaigns, and there's constant vibe of "street food" stalls along hallway. The school is always busy and crowded with students from all walks of life from late morning to late evening. 3. Now for my study experience, I am a student whom had been a very active club member and once work on events with the university itself. All I have to say the school is definitely going downhill, would not recommend at all to come here for the time being. Mainly revolves around the school's lecturers, where some of th

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