Bachelor of Arts in Photography in Cultural Studies

Warsaw School of Photography and Graphic Design
Warszawa, Mazowieckie, Poland
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
3 years
Total tuition fee (local)
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Total tuition fee (foreign)
USD 17,827

Entry Requirements

Students are required to have an adequate level of understanding and communication in English,

Note: Students will take English Language courses during their stay at our school to improve their English skills. 


Core Courses

  • Camera Equipment and Basic Photo Techniques (analogue and digital)
  • Expressive and Humanistic Photography 
  • A Phenomenology of the Image. Visual Communication
  • Photojournalism and Journalistic Ethics
  • Photojournalism and Documentary Photography 
  • Advanced photojournalism
  • Illustrative and Advertising Photography I  
  • Illustrative and Advertising Photography II
  • Creative Photography I
  • Creative Photography II
  • Creative Portrait Photography
  • Psychological Portrait Photography  
  • Landscape Photography I including the Zone System
  • Landscape Photography II
  • Creative Techniques in Photography
  • Large Format Photography 
  • Studio Photography  
  • Fashion Photography I
  • Fashion Photography II
  • History of photography I
  • History of Photography II
  • History of Contemporary Photography
  • History of Art I
  • History of Art II
  • History of Contemporary Art
  • Video Art and Artistic Photography in New Media. 
  • Film Postproduction
  • Staged Photography
  • Black and White Archival Darkroom Techniques
  • Exhibition quality black and white, analogue prints on gelatin silver paper
  • Exhibiting Photographs. Tour of important galleries and photo festivals and direct contact with their curators
  • Photo Edition for Publications
  • Coaching
  • Digital Imaging and Printing Techniques
  • Advanced Digital Imaging and Printing Techniques
  • New technologies in the Postproduction of Photographs
  • Professional Digital Retouching
  • Media copyright and basic intellectual property law
  • Photography Thesis 
  • Photography Seminar

Additional Courses

  • Elements of Sociology
  • Selected Universal Literature
  • General Psychology
  • Humanistic Workshops (literature, history, philosophy, art)
  • Philosophy
  • Selected Polish History 
  • The Culture of the Polish Language 
  • Practical  Rhetoric and Eristics 
  • English Language
  • History of Culture
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies. Philosophic Fundaments of Cultural Studies 
  • Anthropology of Culture
  • Language in terms of culture
  • Anthropology of Literature
  • Directions of literary research in the 20th and 21st centuries
  • Sociology of Culture
  • Public relations in Cultural Institutions
  • Legal and Organizational Issues in Cultural Activities 
  • Methods of Cultural Animation
  • Principles of Artistic Criticism
  • Introduction to Contemporary Culture: Film and Theater

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