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As a tourist destination, New Zealand's beauty, clean environment and friendly people attract an increasing number of visitors, especially those who wish to experience the freedom and adventure activities the country has to offer.

Victoria's Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM) is designed to prepare you for a position of management and responsibility in the business of tourism. You'll be studying how tourism works, how tourism businesses operate, the behaviour of the tourist, and the impacts of visitors on a country. You'll be looking in-depth at the industry, so you can enter it with a firm grasp of how it has grown, how it works, and how it is continuing to develop.

The Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM) offers a well-structured programme of tourism courses which begins with a systematic introduction to tourism at first year; incorporates diverse aspects of tourism management at second year (principles of tourism management, visitor management and management of visitor impacts); and proceeds to advanced topics at third year; tourism planning and policy, tourism research, tourist behaviour and applied tourism management. This core of tourism courses is combined with electives from a wide range of subjects relevant to tourism management, including Marketing, Management, Commercial Law, Accounting, Economics, Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations and foreign languages.