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Earthquakes, mountain building, volcanic eruptions, dinosaurs, climate change, and the origin and evolution of life: all in a day's work for the geologist. Wellington is a natural laboratory for geologists. You can study tectonic plate shifts in a city that is built between two active faults on a major plate boundary.

Antarctica, the conservation and use of natural resources, the evaluation of natural hazards, and the social and environmental effects of global change can also be studied as part of thisBachelor of Science [BSc] major. Both Science and non-Science students will find value in the 100-level Earth Sciences (ESCI) courses.

Geology at Victoria is about the fundamentals of our world. Graduates gather the techniques and the problem-solving abilities, the confidence and the leadership skills to embark upon careers in a diverse range of industries.

Many Geology courses are labelled as Earth Sciences. See the List of Courses below for more information.