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Parlez-vous français? Whether your answer is "non, not a bit" or "oui, un peu" French at Victoria has a carefully tailored and planned course for you to step right in and start learning.

In your first year studying French, a Bachelor of Arts major at Victoria, you will be introduced to all the magic, romance and mystery of French language and culture. You will experience comprehensive and supportive courses, using multimedia and tutorials, designed to get you speaking, reading, writing and interacting in French. Then you can choose from a range of courses to improve your French and your appreciation of French culture, in an atmosphere of fun, interaction and highly focused energy.

With the growth in the European Union, it has become even more vital for young people in the workplace to have a second language. At Victoria, we make it easy and fun to study one of the world’s most fascinating languages, with an array of social and cultural activities in addition to study. And you’ll be set up for careers wherever French is spoken — in Europe, Africa, Canada and the Pacific.