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About this course

Graduates will have the ability to care for animals and employ safe working practices appropriate to the veterinary nursing industry sector, and be competent in a wide range of veterinary nursing skills, as well as a range of complementary generic, communication, and business skills.

The diploma is designed to provide education and training for people wishing to progress to higher levels of tertiary training, or gain employment in animal related industry sectors, including veterinary practices, animal laboratories, pet shops, kennels, animal welfare agencies, or farms and representatives for animal drug companies. It contains business units which enable you to do some clinic management tasks also.  With this qualification students may choose to travel overseas and gain employment at a higher level. Locum at various veterinary clinics around the world while gaining valuable practical experience.

Entry Requirements

  • Completion of either the National Certificate in Veterinary Nursing or completion of the SIT Certificate in Veterinary Nursing, or demonstration of the equivalent skills or knowledge. Plus submission of a brief resume, or curriculum vitae.
  • Applicants whose first language is not English, or who come from a country where the language of instruction in schools is not English, must provide evidence of achieving an IELTS Academic English language test overall score of 5.5.