National Certificate in Sports Turf Management (Level 4) - Central Otago Campus

Otago Polytechnic
Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
Study mode
2 years
Total tuition fee (local)
USD 7,544
Total tuition fee (foreign)
USD 26,605

Entry Requirements

  • Open entry.
  • International students will be individually assessed to ensure you are ready for this study. 

English Language Requirement

  • IELTS: overall band score of 5.5 (with no band score less than 5.0)


Year 1: Compulsory Units

  • Maintain hand tools and service small engines used in horticulture
  • Demonstrate knowledge of elemantary turf botany
  • Demonstrate knowledge of sports turf soil water management
  • Identify and monitor common turf pests 
  • Identify common turf weeds
  • Identify common turf diseases and disorders
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the mowing of sports turf areas
  • Establish a turf surface
  • Demonstrate knowledge of legal requirements and hazards associated with tractor use
  • Monitor and interpret weather information
  • Describe calibration and calibrate agrichemical application equipment 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of agrichemicals
  • Demonstrate knowledge of soil properties and their effect on plant growth 
  • Check and drive a basic wheel tractor with an attached implement on flat terrain
  • Assess soil and plan a fertiliser programme for turf use

Year 1: Electives 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements
  • Speak to a specified audience in a predictable situation
  • Demonstrate knowledge of weeds, pests, diseases and disorders of amenity turf areas
  • Use amenity turf maintenance tools and small equipment
  • Mow turf areas
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the HSNO Act and NZS8409:2004 for the use of agrichemicals
  • Prepare to apply, and apply, agrichemicals
  • Describe nutrients and fertilisers required for turf

Year 2:

  • Demonstrate knowlede of the characteristics and requirements of sports turf surfaces
  • Use sports turf machinery and equipment
  • Survey a sports turf area
  • Drain a sports turf area
  • Fertilise a sports turf area
  • Irrigate sports turf area
  • Control common turf pests
  • Control common turf weeds
  • Control common turf diseases
  • Compare maintenance requirements for major sports turf surfaces and 
  • maintain a sports turf surface 
  • Supervise staff working on sports turf facilities
  • Prepare and present a budget for turf operators
  • Demonstrate knowledge of methods of upgrading sports turf root zones
  • Additional Optional Courses:
  • Demonstrate knowledge of pruning and training amenity trees and shrubs
  • Maintain amenity trees and shrubs
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Approved Code of Practice relating to chainsaw use
  • Demonstrate basic chainsaw operation
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the maintenance of cricket blocks
  • Plant and care for trees, shrubs and climbing plants
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the maintenance of a sports field
  • Drive a 2 wheel drive tractor with an attached implement on undulating terrain
  • Drive a 4 wheel drive tractor with an attached implement on undulating terrain
  • Ride a quad bike on flat terrain in the workplace
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the safe operation of a quad bike
  • Ride a quad bike on hilly terrain

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