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About this course

Entry requirements

Enrolment for the PhD degree is available to people who have completed a Bachelors or Masters degree with First Class Honours or Second Class Honours (Division I) or who hold comparable qualifications. 

The University's Doctoral Research Committee administers the PhD degree. The Committee will only allow registration if the relevant Head of School/Institute has agreed to provide supervision and facilities for the candidate's research. 

Candidates interested in this programme should consult with the Postgraduate Coordinator for the specific subject area. 

An intending candidate for the degree should first make application for provisional registration to the Graduate Research School on the appropriate form. The Doctoral Research Committee, after consultation with the head of the appropriate academic unit, determines whether the application and the proposed course are to be approved, and if so shall determine the date of provisional registration and appoint the supervisors. Initial registration for the degree is provisional and is considered for confirmation after one year of satisfactory study.

Entry Requirements

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the highest supervised degree offered by Massey University. The degree is awarded for a thesis that demonstrates the candidate's ability to carry out independent research that is a significant contribution to the knowledge and understanding of a field of study. In the College of Creative Arts a PhD may be undertaken in design, in fine arts or in visual and material culture or cross disciplinary areas. 

The thesis is an integrated report of supervised work and if it consists of several studies or cases, their relationship to one another shall be demonstrated. The thesis may consist of the candidate's published or unpublished material or a combination of both. Candidates submitting a thesis in the creative and performing arts may prepare a presentation which consists of creative work and written components. 

The creative works and performance should take a form appropriate to the discipline. 

The PhD normally involves research for a minimum of three years full-time, or four years (48 months) part-time. 

Research conducted for the Master's Degree may form part of the doctoral thesis.