3 years
Feb Jul
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USD 39,042
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About this course

After three years successful study, graduates will be awarded the Diploma in Visual Arts and Design. The Diploma enables students to gain skills, knowledge, processes, attitudes and work habits appropriate to the professional practice of Visual Arts and Design. This is a Level 6 Diploma.

Papers from Years 2 and 3 can be cross-credited to the Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design Years 1 and 2.

Flexibility within the papers of the Diploma will allow students to contract a learning programme related to the concerns and practices of their own media discipline and goals. This approach ensures that students develop a core of knowledge common to all visual arts and design programmes as well as knowledge specific to their individual focus.

Specialisation is organised around three media culture groups: Graphic Communications; 2D Paint and Drawing; 3D Sculpture and Design.

Entry Requirements

  •  At least 50 Level 2 NCEA credits in one year in four subjects;
  •  Successful completion of Introduction to Visual Arts and Design programme.
  • Other equivalent qualifications.