Graduate Diploma in International Business

New Zealand
Advanced Diploma
Study mode
1 year
January May September
Tuition fee (local)
USD 3,888
Tuition fee (foreign)
USD 13,055

Entry Requirements

The Graduate Diploma in International Business (GDIB) is a one-year full-time programme of study designed for graduates of a first degree wishing to complete the equivalent of a major in a discipline other than that in which they have majored for their first degree. It is ideally suited for those seeking to (i) bridge the gap between their first degree field of study and a career in business, or (ii) build a firm foundation for further study at postgraduate level in the new discipline.


Every candidate's programme of study for the Graduate Diploma shall comprise the following:

  • Seven courses (one at Stage 1, two at Stage 2, four at Stage 3)
  • The Graduate Diploma core (three courses)
    2.113 Business Economics
    2.231 Introduction to International Business
    2.331 International Business
  • An elective cluster (four courses)*
  • An additional short report module at Stage 3 (2.380)

* The elective cluster is designed to give coherence to the structure in a particular business sub-discipline. The following are illustrative groupings. Others may be possible in consultation with the Head of Programme.

1. Management
  • 2.222 Strategic Management
  • 2.335 International Management
  • 2.341 Entrepreneurship
  • 2.350 Business and Social Ethics
2. Marketing
  • 2.224 Marketing Management
  • 2.332 International Marketing
  • 2.355 International Services Marketing
  • 2.366 E-Marketing
3. International Trade
  • 2.234 Macroeconomics
  • 2.330 International Relations in the Asia-Pacific Region
  • 2.333 International Trade
  • 2.346 Development Economics
4. E-Business
  • 2.265 E-Commerce for Managers
  • 2.335 International Management
  • 2.365 Applied E-Commerce
  • 2.366 E-Marketing

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