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Diploma in International Business (Level 5)

New Zealand
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Entry Requirements

The Diploma in International Business Level 5 is a basic course for people who want a qualification but want to enter the workforce quickly. The Diploma level 5 compromises of 7 courses. As with the Diploma level 6 students in the level 5 Diploma course will also be in classes including students from the level 6 Diploma and the Bachelor of International Business to incorporate learning.

The level five programme is a one year course in which students can choose from a wide number of courses to tailor make their diploma to areas the student wishes to study. The course has only one compulsory course, leaving 6 to the students discretion. They can also incorporate two papers from the Bachelor of Tourism Management or the Bachelor of Language and Culture into their Diploma in International Business level 5.

Diploma students are also entitled to the benefits available to the Bachelor students such as free parking, internet and gymnasium access.


Every candidate's course of study for the Level 5 Diploma shall:

  • Comprise seven courses
  • Include three Stage 1 (Level 5) compulsory courses (2.102, 2.113, 2.120)
  • Include one of 2.101 Accounting Principles or 2.103 Marketing Principles
  • Include one Stage 2 (Level 6) compulsory course (2.231)
  • Include two elective courses at Stage 1 (Level 5) or above

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