Study Accounting and Finance in New Zealand

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With an increasing global population, the need has never been greater for accounting and finance graduates. Many might mistakenly believe that automation has eliminated much of the need for accounting and finance related professionals, but that is far from the case. Companies require qualified and capable staff members with skills to ensure fiscal responsibility.

While the methods used to do this might have changed in recent decades, the general principles for Accounting and Finance still remain. Many students are interested in this area and are choosing to study accounting and finance in New Zealand.

Eligibility for Admission

If you desire to study accounting and finance in New Zealand, there are some factors to consider as you prepare to move from your country. There are certain entrance requirements that you will need to meet, so planning ahead will help ensure that your application is received. 

Students can generally fulfill entrance requirements into a New Zealand university in several ways. Most individuals will fulfill this by completing a recognised secondary programme in preparation for university study. An example of this is earning a General Certificate of Education at the Advanced Level. Students will want to work hard to obtain a minimum of three A-Level subjects completed during their time in high school, because general studies courses are not usually accepted. Some universities will accept degree programme via other methods as well, so it is wise to check with the specific school that you are interested in attending.

Since the subjects in New Zealand take place in English, it is important to prove your proficiency in that language. This is generally met by obtaining a minimum combined score of 6.0 on the IELTS, as this is the proficiency exam most recognised by universities in New Zealand. In addition, many students who attend an English immersion programme in New Zealand, and successful graduate are viewed favourably. 

Cost of Studying Accounting and Finance in New Zealand

It is also important to prepare for the expense of studying abroad. While universities set their own tuition rates, they generally fall within a certain range.

Studying accounting and finance in New Zealand at the undergraduate level, will cost you about NZ$25,150 in tuition-based costs every year. A postgraduate course in the field will run approximately $26,800 NZD annually. Beyond this, remember to take into account course fees, housing costs, food, and travel. New Zealand is a great place to studying this discipline, and graduates from one of its institutions will be highly positioned within the global job market.

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