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USD 51,601
EUR 46,800
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About this course

Management is known as the art of coordinating people and resources effectively in order to reach the aims of an organization. Those who are studying management theory will acquire knowledge and skills of reviewing case studies on management functions, covering the international and external aspects of managerial work together with decision making that will prepare you for the industry that you choose to work in the future.

Webster University Bachelor’s Degree in Management will provide the students with mastery on economic ‘s growth and activity, income determination, inflation, aggregate demand and supply, output, monetary and fiscal policies, money and banking, together with international  economic issues. Students will also be exposed to relationship between employees and management, ways of motivate top employee performance, procedures in hiring and relations in labour management. The department of management at Webmaster University has adapt to the needs of young students and adult students with business experiences. Management courses are also offered at other Webster University international campuses which provided the students opportunity to  interact with members and students from all over the world.

Entry Requirements

  • A completed online application, including the online USD35 or EUR40 fee
  • Official transcript of last three years
  • 400-500 word personal statement
  • Two letters of references (teachers, college counselors)
  • Copy of passport(s)
  • TOEFL 550/80 or IELTS 6.0 (if applicable)