3 years
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USD 51,601
EUR 46,800
Foreign students
USD 51,601
EUR 46,800
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About this course

Students taking the International Relation course will be able to discover, critique and understand the social, political and economic interactions of our modern and globalized world. The international Relations Programs at Webster University Leiden is created to produce students with leadership skills  and prepare them for services in the international community. Contemporary American and European approaches will be applied by the students when examining the political powers, dynamics of the global community and humanitarian issues.

The undergraduate programs structures will incorporate the Liberal Arts System which is created to give students a well-rounded education together with a strong background for their future career. Students will also be able to combine with electives in other fields that are related to their major, to obtain more knowledge in different areas of study. International relation courses are taught by teaching staffs that consists of political scientist, academics, lawyers and ambassadors. Students are encourage to apply for abroad studies and other possibilities in the Webster system to pursue internship opportunities. The faculty has an international nature with student body that enhances the academic experiences where they are able to feel it first hand on the campus.

Entry Requirements

  • A completed online application, including the online USD35 or EUR40 fee
  • Official transcript of last three years
  • 400-500 word personal statement
  • Two letters of references (teachers, college counselors)
  • Copy of passport(s)
  • TOEFL 550/80 or IELTS 6.0 (if applicable)