Bachelor in Computer Science

VU University Amsterdam
Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
3 years
Tuition fee (local)
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Tuition fee (foreign)
USD 41,225

Entry Requirements

  • Qualifications accepted/recognised by the university.


Computer Science: Year one

The first year of the Bachelor is an introduction to everything. You learn the basics of computer systems and networks, the logic behind the systems and the way they are used on the web. You will learn the programming language Java and you'll start to develop your academic skills. After the first year, you will have a broad knowledge of Networks & Systems, Logic & Algorithms, Programming and Data Processing. Every two-month period you follow 2 courses simultaneously with an exam at the end. At the end of your first year there is a group project, where you learn to cooperate in groups and also work on your presentation skills. 

Your (student)mentor and teachers will be your guides throughout the first year. This can be helpfull and ensures that your progress is monitored and supported. At least twice a year you will discuss your progress with a study advisor and you will are part of a mentor group with fellow students. At the start of your year you get together with your mentor group once every two weeks to discuss practical matters, for instance things like summarizing lectures and registering and preparing for an exam. For an overview of the first-year courses, check the

Computer Science: Year two

The second year of the Bachelor is more in-depth. You continue your programming with more advanced courses and start to put to use the techniques you learned during your first year. Courses like security, databases and software modelling combine various topics from your first year. After your second year, you can yourself an expert in many of these topics. 

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