2 years
Feb Sep
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USD 4,203
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EUR 37,700
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About this course

The Master's programme Computing Science provides students with a strong foundation in the concepts, analysis techniques, and design methods underlying the development of modern information and software systems.

Entry Requirements

The entrance requirements conform to the level and contents of the BSc in Computing Science as educated at Utrecht University. Students qualifying for entrance must:

  • have a reasonable experience in the use of several programming languages (amongst which functional and object-oriented languages)
  • have adequate knowledge of the workings of computer systems, networks and operating systems
  • have a basic knowledge of algorithms and data structures, their design and analysis
  • have a basic knowledge of modern software construction
  • have a basic knowledge of computer science and logic 
  • be able to reason formally, and
  • be able to communicate facts and findings verbally and in writing, including using information and communication technology and audio-visual means.

BSc programmes that likely satisfy the entrance requirements include:

  • a BSc in Computer Science
  • A BSC in Mathematics (with a minor in informatics) or Artificial Intelligence,
  • a HBO-bachelor in the `HBO-opleiding Informatica’,  
  • a HBO-bachelor in Informatics/Information Technology other than the `HBO-opleiding Informatica