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About this course

American Studies does not study the United States in isolation, but employs a comparative international and cross-cultural approach that emphasizes the many "borderlands" that enclose and define American culture. In doing so it focuses on the ongoing debate about the nature of American civilization and its relation with the world.

Given that the Master's program in American Studies at Utrecht University focuses on the United States from a European perspective, it, too, emphasizes the international dissemination and reception of American culture. American Studies does this using a broad cultural concept, embracing cultural and political history, literature and the arts, and including both popular culture and intellectual history. 

The Utrecht program focuses on international debates about the global position of American culture that employ concepts such as cultural hierarchy, cultural imperialism, cultural national identity, anti-Americanism and globalization.

Entry Requirements

Students will be admitted to the Master's program if they hold a Dutch or foreign higher education degree and demonstrate knowledge, insight and skills in the following fields:

  • general knowledge of historical or literary research methods, historiographical traditions and/or epistemology, acquired in at least one BA course (7.5 ECTS)
  • introductory knowledge of American history, literature or culture
  • experience in independently conducting historical research at advanced (BA) level, i.e. collecting material, applying theory and writing a thesis