3 years
Feb Sep
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Tuition fee (entire course)
Local students
USD 8,785
EUR 7,968
Foreign students
USD 27,084
EUR 24,564
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About this course

Philosophy or physics? Medicine or mathematics? Law or a language? One of the distinguishing features of the program at UCR is that students do not have to choose. The Liberal Arts and Sciences concept is based upon the idea that today’s most complex problems can no longer be solved with a mono-disciplinary approach. Students at University College Roosevelt construct their own academic program, tailor-made to their individual interests. In doing so, the program prepares students for a world whose demands and challenges will grow more complex each year, while optimally preparing graduates for the master’s program or the job of their choice. At University College Roosevelt students will:

  • create their own combination of courses from all academic disciplines
  • attend intensive, small-scale classes
  • live on an international city campus
  • go on to the best master’s programs in the world

Entry Requirements

  • As Roosevelt is an international honors college, both Dutch and international students are accepted each year. Different admission requirements apply to both groups.