1 year
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Tuition fee (entire course)
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USD 2,023
EUR 1,835
Foreign students
USD 11,577
EUR 10,500
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About this course

The Master's in Film Studies at the University of Amsterdam aims to train students to critically and creatively engage with such important shifts in film and cinema culture. The programme offers in-depth knowledge in various research fields, ranging from film philosophy, media archaeology and cultural memory to issues of transnational and global audiovisual practices.
Students have privileged access to historical sources and film collections. Internationally renowned film scholars are appointed as faculty and guest lecturers. Teaching in the programme is strongly informed by the way film is taught internationally, notably in the United States, Britain and France, thus giving students the opportunity to keep abreast of wider developments in the field.

Entry Requirements

  • Applicants should have at least a Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent thereof, in a field relevant to the Master’s degree.
  • English Language qualifications which are accepted / fulfill the university's requirements.