BA/BSc Liberal Arts and Sciences

University of Amsterdam
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
3 years
Tuition fee (local)
Information not available
Tuition fee (foreign)
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Entry Requirements

All international study programmes are fully taught in English, except for the Masters in the modern European languages German, Italian, French, Modern Greek, Romanian, Scandinavian, and Spanish, which are taught in the target language.

For all international programmes except the Master's in modern European languages listed above, students who are non-native English speakers are required to have passed a test in English.*

Depending on the specific programme requirements, this test can be the TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge test. Some departments or programmes do not accept the TOEFL or other test scores. Always make sure to check the programme description carefully to find out which test you should take.

*For administrative purposes, students who count as native English speakers are those who have obtained their diploma in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom or the United States of America. If English is your first language but you do not hold a diploma from one of these countries, contact your programme for instructions.


Academic Core

At least ten of your courses (totalling 60 credit points) will be in the Academic Core, which ensures you develop strong academic skills. These include a minimum of one 'big questions' courses in your first year, that you will choose from the four offered by AUC. You will take Academic Core courses throughout your programme; the exact requirements will depend on your choice of major.


At least half of your study programme (90 credit points) will be dedicated to your major. This includes the courses that you follow on your selected theme (2 x 6 credit points), and the capstone experience in your final year (12 credit points).
You can major in the sciences, the humanities or the social sciences. You declare your major at the end of your first year, and with the help of your tutor you will then select a coherent package of at least 11 courses on subjects within your major that you will take in your second and third years.


Alongside the requirements of the Academic Core and your major, you then have up to 30 credit points (one-sixth of your programme) that you can complete with freely chosen courses, the electives. You can use your electives to expand and deepen your studies in a variety of ways.

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