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About this course

The Master’s specialisation in Pharmacology comprises both compulsory and optional elements. The major compulsory components are the two research projects, both of which include writing a master’s thesis. The major research project must be in one of the disciplines of Pharmacology, Medical Pharmacology, or Clinical Pharmacology, and the minor research project preferably in a different discipline of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences. 

Other compulsory components are: a literature study, including writing an essay or thesis, attending two advanced lecture series in disciplines of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, participating in the Scientific Conduct course, and attending twenty lectures and colloquia presented by other master’s students in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences. 

The distinguishing feature of the Leiden MSc in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences is its research-oriented approach. This research orientation in the teaching programme is unique in Europe and enjoys a high international profile.

Entry Requirements

  • A BSc degree in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences or Pharmaceutical Sciences from any Dutch university. Students holding such degree will directly be admitted to the programme.
  • For all other candidates, the Admissions Committee will evaluate the equivalence of their previous training to this Bachelor of Science degree. 
  • Students who have a BSc in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences from Leiden University are directly admissible.
  • Proof of sufficient proficiency in English: IELTS test level of at least 6.5 or TOEFL score of at least 570/230, evidenced by appropriate test.