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HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Utrecht, Netherlands

Creative Business in The Netherlands: A World Class Conference for Students and the Professional Field

06 Dec 2018

Creative Business is changing fast. The annual “Future of Creative Business” Conference makes students of Creative Business, one of the most innovative programmes in the world, stay at the forefront of things.

A Day Full of Inspiration

The panel of world-class speakers showed how emerging economies, block chain technology, robotics and Google-beating algorithms are reshaping Creative Business under our feet and in our feeds.

Our audience was made up out of Creative Business second year students as well as a variety of business guests from Wieden + Kennedy, TravelBird, Akzo Nobel, Czar Amsterdam, PWC, New Exhibition, the Colombian Government and many more.

A selection of the main topics during the conference:

  • Lucy Howie opened the day explaining how Fuel Up uses Artificial Intelligence to discover technologies by smart searching and scouting, touching every corner of the internet.
  • Jeroen van Hoof immersed the audience in PwC's famous Block Chain Game, making the participants a node in the network.

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

  • The ground breaking documentary “More Human Than Human” by Submarine showed the incredible influence Artificial Intelligence already has on our lives and how it will reshape the way we live.
  • A discussion panel of professional film directors explained more about that part of Creative Business.
  • Digital Film Artist Floris Kaayk, presented his work on human engineered life and opened a discussion on the possible repercussions.
  • Adetola Okunlola, director of the Africa Burn Festival, showed us the value of building communities and showed that the future of Creative Business is as physical as it is digital. 

This conference was made possible by means of our quickly growing, global community of business leaders, learning experts, students and creatives in Creative Business. Our community now has members across some 75 countries!

Would you like to study Creative Business and become part of this growing community? Feel free to connect with us on

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht Creative Business

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