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About this course

Take the challenge: be a problem-solver for government or business. Get the latest economic theories and quantitative methods, and apply them to practical problems in one of four specialised areas.The balanced but challenging programme is taught by staff who do cutting-edge research and provide the highest-quality academic training. 

Analyse the economic factors that play a role in practical problems that government and businesses face. Get the theory and practical skills needed to develop and use new models. Apply these techniques in part through the use of software applications.

Entry Requirements

  • Relevant bachelor diploma: It has to be equivalent to EUR bachelor's programmes prior to the corresponding master's programme. 
  • Different master specialisations require certain academic backgrounds additional to having a relevant bachelor degree. 
  • Sufficient mathematics and statistics: All programmes are taught from a strong quantitative approach. A solid background in mathematics and statistics is a necessity for every programme. 

Language requirements

  • Academic TOEFL: 232 / 90
  • Academic IELTS: 6.5