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About this course

Through this programme, students lay a solid foundation from core courses, and build on it by participating actively in intensive seminars. They present papers, dig into the literature, including case studies, and engage critically in discussions. They also get on track for professional qualification as an auditor or a controller, and take advantage of the growing demand for auditors and controllers in auditing firms, industrial giants and management consultancies. Students also master the ins and outs of collecting, categorising, summarising, analysing and using financial data. They get the techniques and frameworks needed to evaluate how auditing and control are done.

Entry Requirements

  • Relevant bachelor diploma: It has to be equivalent to EUR bachelor's programmes prior to the corresponding master's programme. 
  • Different master specialisations require certain academic backgrounds additional to having a relevant bachelor degree. 
  • Sufficient mathematics and statistics: All programmes are taught from a strong quantitative approach. A solid background in mathematics and statistics is a necessity for every programme. 

Language requirements

  • Academic TOEFL: 232 / 90
  • Academic IELTS: 6.5