2 years
May Oct
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Tuition fee (entire course)
Local students
USD 4,203
EUR 3,812
Foreign students
USD 16,869
EUR 15,300
Other costs
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About this course

The documentary discourse and the relationship photography has with reality are departure for discussion and research in the programme. The course is developed around their individual development needs. Many of the forms lens-based media take in traditional and new contexts will be part of this research: the role it takes in contemporary art and media, the crossing over into the realm of the moving image, the book, the exhibition, the installation, internet or cross media installations as platforms. Their own projects are central throughout the studies. Student will learn to communicate professionally about their work and test their practice in a professional context by executing projects outside of the academy. Furthermore student will build a relevant network and have regular discussions with key figures in the field. Through symposia, publications, lectures and acting as moderator of their subject they make their research projects public. Student will deepen their theoretical knowledge of photography, art and film and they will learn to position themself in the context of the contemporary discourse on these media. Through assessments and regular coaching their work will be stimulated and challenged by well-known (international) lecturers and guest lecturers, who have own practices and a strong network within the field of Photography. 

Entry Requirements

Requirements application master study

  • Student must have a certificate or diploma 
  • BA degree in autonomous visual art or design. 

Proficiency in spoken and written English. Students:

  • must be able to understand lectures in English and be able to take notes,
  • must be able to read, understand and use specialist literature written in English;
  • have a good understanding of the English jargon used in the profession and;
  • must be able to write in English at Master’s level.