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Universiti Utara Malaysia

Kedah, Malaysia
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Firts of all because of the place so quite n it is cheap compare to my hometown. People here is friendly and they all time smile to me even if i don’t know them ? Read more
Hostel provided, surrounded by nature, can fix the timetable with our own schedule and there are more events held by student organization club. Other than that, usually there are many food fest held by organization. Read more
Have a different race and cultures. moreover, the environment of green nature support us for enjoy our study balancing with healthy lifestyle. Read more
Reason why i live to study in UUM because it has good facilities, stunning environment, nice and profesional lecturers and etc. Besides, uum has a good ranking for the business school among ipta in Malaysia. I think thts the best decision for me to pursue my degree in uum. Read more
UUM have a very nice view. The environment of UUM are peaceful because its surrounded by green forest. Food that provided at the cafeteria are variety and have many choice with an affordable price. Read more
It would be the surrounding and also the best facilities. My uni has the best facilities that I would want to share with everyone, we have go cart circuit, sauna, arcade and we also have mall in our campus. The food here is quite affordable and the taste can be improve on. I like the surrounding ... Read more
How is the academic life at this university/college? Our academic life in this university is very smooth. I mean, all classes start at 8.30am and there is no class after 5.30pm. Unless some of the lectures want to extend their classes. Our schedule for Sunday and Wednesday are the same while Mon... Read more