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UCSI University

Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Anonymous reviewer

11 months ago


Facilities: The facilities provided in the campus is satisfactory and the university is currently working on further improving them. The university has also recently added a number of study areas which are conducive for students to have their revisions or to spend their time between classes. Besides, there are also gymnasium, cafes and computer labs available for students' usage. Extracurricular activities: There are various student associations, clubs and special-interest communities for students to join in UCSI. Many of these associations organize meaningful events from which students can be exposed to notable experiences and to learn something beyond their routine classes. Some of the notable ones include Dodgeball Club, Japanese Cultural Society, Christian Fellowship, House of Talents and Marketing Student Association. Scholar Enrichment Programme: If you're looking into getting a scholarship from UCSI, you're ahead for tons of learning opportunities! Beyond financial assistance, the university provides Scholar Enrichment Programme for students who are granted with the UCSI University Trust Scholarship. Through this programme, students will have the opportunities to be part of remarkable initiatives serving the causes of environment, youth development, community outreach or social entrepreneurship.


Practicality: While the courses offered by UCSI is enriching and equip students with useful knowledge, it would be great if more practical course works and hands-on experiences can be incorporated into the academic programmes. This is especially true for business courses such as Marketing and Management. Parking spaces: Despite the enhanced facilities in the campus, it is still common for students to face the problem of insufficient parking spaces. Often, students are required to leave home way earlier for the purpose of finding a parking space. It would be great if there are more parking spaces made available in the campus. Student portal system: Inability to log in to the student portal is a common problem especially during course selection period due to heavy website traffic. It would be great if the portal could be further upgraded to accommodate the increased traffic and avoid clashes.

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