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About this course

The Cambridge GCE A-Level programme follows a ‘staged' assessment, in contrast to the traditional linear A-Levels where all courses are assessed in a single examination session at the end of the course. Its flexibility enables students to sit for the AS level in one examination and complete the final Cambridge International A-Levels at a subsequent session.

There is also a performance feedback session where students who have completed the AS level will receive valuable feedback on their performance, thus identifying their own strengths and weaknesses that will help them set learning goals for the A2 level.

Entry Requirements

  • SPM: 5 credits (inclusive of English and relevant courses**)
  • 'O'- Level: 5 credits (inclusive of relevant courses**)
  • UEC: 3 credits (inclusive of English and relevant courses**)
  • Other Year 11 equivalent: 60% scores in relevant courses**
  • Other Year 12 equivalent: 50% scores in relevant courses**

English Language

  • A distinction (A+,A or A-) in English Language course at SPM/UEC level; or MUET Band 5; or a score of 213 (computer-based) / 550 (written-based) / 80 (internet-based) in TOEFL; or Band 5.5 in IELTS. Additional English course(s) must be taken at UCSI University concurrently with undergraduate programme if English Language requirements are not fulfilled.