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About Terra College

Terra College is the culmination of four decades of experience and dedication in the field of education. It has evolved into a unique system of providing excellent academics, using state-of-the-art facilities to ensure success in academia that will empower young people to face the future with confidence. At Terra College, students are provide with proven pathways to enter top-class, reputable and recognized universities locally and overseas.

Courses in A-Level, Foundation in Science, Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Creative Multimedia and Diploma in Accounting are offered. The exchange of knowledge is conducted in a calm and quiet environment where the mind is insulated from distractions. It revives values and standards of the past in modern up-to-date facilities. 

Core Features

  • Student oriented lecture and teaching system.
  • Size of class kept to low level to enhance multiple communications.
  • Methodology from concrete to abstract and easy to difficult.
  • Learning is enjoyable as it really ought to be.
  • Critical and analytical thinking promoted to develop width and depth of knowledge.
  • The focus will remain the success of the student in examinations: format, pattern and structure of exam techniques will be coached.
  • The will to succeed and the determination to persevere will be taught through special programs.
  • Terra shares the pride and joy of the parents in developing an excellent student who succeeds in life.


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