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SEGI College Subang Jaya

Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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Anonymous reviewer

7 months, 2 weeks ago


My program academic avdisor was very competent in helping out with my problems and sorting out my degree plan. Unfortunately he quits though and all the really good lecturers left SEGI COLLEGE during my 4 years of studying here so...


honest experience from their own graduates: DON’T STUDY HERE. the management sucks, if you have a problem all they care about is money and if you are late in paying your fees they will have a penalty fees of RM1.00 per day that you are late. All the staffs are rude & would redirect you and pass you around to someone else so your problem would be dragged around and not be solved and it would be blamed on you. EVERYTHING IN SEGI IS ABOUT MONEY its crazy. I graduated but still apparently have to pay them RM3k for some outstanding money that they pulled up out of nowhere or else they would sue me. Their lecturers are okay, not good and not the best. Facilities that could be used are only library & lab with the super old computers. Cafeteria food is so super expensive & unsanitary too. Just save yourself the trauma and don’t study here. You’ll thank me later. ps: and OH, retakes are super expensive too. I’m in the ADP program and there is no such thing as “reseat a paper” bc segi wants money so you have to repeat the subject which is RM1.2K. and segi have this thing where they always told you to pay RMXXXX on monday and friday is the dateline. super crazy.

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