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Point College

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
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Living cost US$ 408 per month
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Institution type Private

About Point College

Point College is an industry-driven college, supported by the Filmpoint Group of companies. Point College offers students invaluable experience in a world-class environment.

Point College is best differentiated by its philosophy which is led by academically strong, industry led teaching tecniques. This focuses on enhancing and nurturing the individualistic creativity in every student, driving them to achieve greater heights. 

Why choose Point College?

  1. 360 ° Creative Enhancement Techniques
    Our graduates are trained to apply unique 360 ° creativity enhancement techniques when developing a project. It is a combination of creative thinking and innovative techniques. Students are taught from strategy to commercialization. They also learn how to create and develop an idea while mastering production angles, from a 360 ° perspective. 
  2. Creative Academic Progression
    Because our curriculum is created by combining the best thoughts of Top Academic Leaders as well as highly experienced Industry professionals, our programmes optimize progressive learning opportunities. Hence the students' journey becomes paramount in achieving the final objective. 
  3. Practical Approaches to Theories
    Staying relevant in this industry is of utmost importance. Through constant research, we ensure that our courses have the ultimate balance of theoretical insights and practical approaches with industry relevance. 
  4. Project Based Learning
    Our lecturers are industry professionals who have been trained academically to apply practical approaches to theories. We are backed by FilmPoint Group which offers international and local projects as added value to our curriculum. Students will experience project-based learning which is supported by trade secrets to facilitate life-long learning.
  5. International University Affiliations
    Our world-class programmes are supported by some of the best and most reputable universities globally.
  6. Backed by Industry Leaders
    Because we are initiated, driven and supported by award winning industry professionals, with the support of FilmPoint Group, we are able to groom and produce industry relevant graduates. 
  7. Industry Ready Education
    At Point College, education goes beyond the classrooms. Our programmes come with real life, real time industry projetcs to work on, ensuring out students stay relevant with today's industry practices and technology. 
  8. Trained by Industry Professionals
    Point College students are constantly exposed to award winning industry professionals who readily share real life experiences and their worl-class projects. These master trainers provide invaluable insight which helps prepare students for the working world. 
  9. Global Job Placement Opportunities
    To be trained by a college with reputable connections has its benefits. Point College students have great exposure to award winning organizations throughout their time here and have better opportunities at securing coveted jobs with some of the better organisations. 
  10. International Internship Opportunities & International Exposure
    Our affiliation with reputable industry partners give our students the upper hand when it comes to internship opportunities locally and internationally.

Campus information

Point college comes with facilities like:

  • Student accommodation
  • Cafeteria
  • Sports Centre

Located strategically at Sunsuria Avenue, Kota Damansara, Point College provides a conducive environment for creative learning and advancement. Encompassing a modern and functional layout with some of the best equipment available, this state-of-the-art college features unique spaces for film, photography, reading, recording and many more.


Hotel: MR 93 (p/night)

Room: RM 550 - RM 1,100 (p/month)

Appartment: RM 1,100 - RM 4,000 (p/month)


Courses available 5

Creative Arts & Design 4 Mass Communication & Media 2


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