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Open University Malaysia (OUM)

Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Student review

Anonymous reviewer

7 months, 2 weeks ago


MQA recognized degree. Some degree is even recognized by JPA. People who just want to upgrade their qualification People who are like me who do not wish to commit to full time program. Freedom of choice Syllabus are greatly structured into a module guide, no expensive textbooks to buy. (A huge plus) Administration is relatively simple and straight to the point (A huge plus as many universities are plagued with red-tape and administrative problems. ECRM service by Open University Malaysia solves literally most of the problems I faced. No favoritism among students and lecturer. (A HUGE merit for me) You don’t him and I don’t know her. One of the most affordable private undergraduate programs out there. The assignment is uniformed and simple to understand. (Mostly essay between 2500 words-3000 words) and a question to answer. People who want alternative education. The pace of study is decided by your own. (you can take 2 subject – 4 subjects per semester based on your own free time) Group project is almost non-existent (except MPU Community service). Thus, you would almost never face any drama among students. Attendance is not compulsory and does not have a blacklist like other universities. Thus, saving time and energy.


The course is mostly online studying which means you study by your OWN. You study the materials based on your OWN understanding without relying on others. No spoon-feeding. Online e-tutor (forum) are hit or miss sometimes. You get the excellent ones sometimes or they may never even reply. Tutorials are almost non-existent as the university is moving towards online learning. Thus, no tips for assignment. You do by your OWN. If you yourself want a fulfilling and prestigious degree. Look elsewhere as the education here can be lacking at times. If you are looking for a “world-class” education, then look elsewhere. Seriously You want to enter a “real university” with a vibrant campus lifestyle. You cannot redo your assignment once you hand in like in other universities. You can only pray to the system or the lecturer on the other side to give you high marks.

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