1 year
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Tuition fee (entire course)
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USD 3,804
GBP 2,700
Foreign students
USD 3,804
GBP 2,700
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About this course

This programme is offered as a part-time distance learning programme from Newcastle University, with academics from Newcastle University coming out to teach in three three-day blocks and providing support online throughout the course duration. It is studied over one academic year.  

This is a flexible, practice-based programme designed for health professionals and others who are involved in, or wish to develop an interest in, medical education.  This programme has been designed to provide its students with opportunities to develop a scholarly approach to medical education and to acquire the expertise necessary for effective medical education in the context of their own educational roles, responsibilities and interests.

The programme aims to enable students to acquire advanced skills and knowledge so that they can contribute effectively to educational practice and the development of medical education as a discipline; and encourage a scholarly approach to the evaluation of established practice and educational initiatives, balancing receptiveness to new ideas with critical analysis.

Entry Requirements

  • First degree, or equivalent qualification, in a healthcare profession, or first degree from another relevant discipline.