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About this course

The Master's Programme in Biomedicine is designed for students who have an interest in biomedical issues and human biology and who wish to develop technical laboratory skills related to modern cell and molecular biology. The programme aspires to provide you with a strong foundation for independent work within molecular medicine and extensive contemporary knowledge of biomedicine. An important part of the curriculum is understanding and developing forefront methods in biomedicine.

Career Prospect
Obtaining a Master of Biomedicine will qualify graduates to work in research and development within the biomedical sciences, as well other areas of clinical laboratory sciences. Career opportunities also include areas such as engineering-based fields that solve biological and medical problems. 

KPT Reference: KPT/ JPS (R2/545/7/0031) 11/20 

Entry Requirements

  •  Bachelor’s Degree with good honours from KUTPM(MSU)
  • A Bachelor’s Degree with good honours from any other university or equivalent qualification from institution recognised by the Senate.