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International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)

Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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1 year, 3 months ago


The campus is gorgeous. I studied 4 years there and honestly those 4 years in Malaysia were the best years of my life. The university, however, was a let down for me, too much politics, racism and international lecturers were let go. Some of the lecturers were absolutely horrible. I hardly ever got feedback. Literally had to wait outside the office for hours for lecturers. Some were racist and unapproachable. The assignments were challenging but too many assignments, no structure. i was more focused on being able to submit on time, than the actual quality of my papers, and ofcourse in the end never got feedback. If you are the type to hunt down people and learn stuff all the time, you'll manage to learn. For me, I hated interracting with my classmates and teachers so I struggled alone. I was a Dean's list student, top of my class in the begining and then my cgpa kept dropping like crazy cuz I was unable to cope with the pressure and expectations. IIUM security and office people are racist af and behave very badly with internationals. I would never ever recommend anyone to go to this uni. This used to be fabulous institution once, but now its just horrible. But the courses included in the programs are comprehensive and good for later applications for further studies. However, I am not even confident that I actually learned stuff there. It was a nightmare for me. I was in the Human science department and mostly had malay classmates and lecturers. This is one more reason why my experience was simply horrible there. Trust me horrible is an understatement. I went into depression in my 3rd year. Who do u turn to when everyone is so biased, conservative and unapproacable. I graduated in 2019 THANK GOD I could finish on time and I didnt have to spend one extra day there! Also, the quality of people dropped significantly. The students who attended the uni were immature, just about having fun, partying, harassing girls, showing off etc. Anyways, I know a lot of people had a great time, but to be honest I went there to learn both about islam, my majorand more. I left absolutely traumatised and uninspired. Library is amazing btw!


The people were nice and friendly but I could not get along with most people because they were not informed about the rest of the world and would only chant the same things that to be honest are not logical or even appealing. The Arabic requirement for graduation was crazy. Its an institution for conservative people. If you walk in there with hopes to learn and enquire, trust me u will also get traumatised like me. All my friends and I HATED our time there, but we all agree that Malaysia was the best thing that happened to us, just not IIUM. When u enter the uni, u should be like the rest of them, uniquness is not appreciated there. People were seriously boring and immture, except for the debating team, they were cool. The university is a jail basically. They lock the gates to all the female dorms only at night!!! and this is how they PROTECT US, by makinh us stay outside on the roads alll night!!! Trust me they are hypocrites. You cannot have a voice there. To blend in you have to be, grateful to the university, soft spoken, agree to everythinh they do basically, say sorry even when its not your fault and most importantly cannot be modern open minded!!!! I learned a lot though, I know how to lie my way out of situations, I know how to yell at people, I know how to stand my ground and I know I to be silent all the time. If you want to go to this uni, do your research first. most peopl will say they loved it cuz they had low expectations from an international, reputated university and trust me they are very conservative and dont ask questions. goodluck!

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