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USD 11,940
MYR 50,000
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USD 11,940
MYR 50,000
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About this course

The one-year program of three equal semester drills you on the core knowledge and skills in music performance, theory, music technology and beginning level liberal arts studies.

In the core area of music, performance, you will develop dexterity in your principal instrument allowing you to master the basic scales in major and minor keys and the chromatic and Blues scales. Individual instruction in your principal instrument will expand your knowledge of the intrinsic interpretations of performing Pop, Jazz, and Classical repertoire. You will hone sight reading skills continuously in your private instruction classes and in group performance labs. You will learn rehearsal techniques to prepare you to lead and perform in advanced level ensembles. In addition to class and ensemble sessions, you will participate in a performance seminar session where you will feature your performance before a live audience comprising of your peers, faculty and visitors in each semester. You will develop your musical ear in a series of progressive ear training classes to refine your ability to identify intervals, chord progressions, rhythm patterns, and to read music at sight.

In the area of music theory, you will learn the basics of reading and writing notes in both treble and bass clefs and interpret lead sheets, which have the common music terminologies used in actual practice in the music industry. You will develop composition skills through the analysis of melody-harmony relationships found in contemporary music songs/tunes. You will learn score layout and groove writing in order to write rhythm section scores for small bands. In addition to Blues theory, you will also study traditional 4-part writing conventions including contrapuntal writing in the style of J. S. Bach.

In music technology you will develop skills in operating music software to create musical sounds and also music scores. You will also study computer operating systems and Internet protocols to enhance the quality of your application of these in your coursework.

In the liberal arts component you will develop English language skills through writing, comprehension and speaking, and will investigate academic writing norms to hone your skills towards writing term papers. You will study musical acoustics in order to understand and interpret the behavior of sound and its propagation in musical applications.

You will survey popular music from the birth of the Blues to present day popular music, exploring the artists and compositions against the socio-cultural environment that contributed to the development of pop music across the decades.

Entry Requirements

  • 5 credits in O' Levels or any other equivalent academic qualification or better
  • TOEFL minimum score of 550 or IELTS minimum score of 6.0. Students who can show evidence that their high school education was delivered in the English Language can request for a waiver of the TOEFL or ILETS.
  • Minimum 3 years of playing experience in a musical instrument or voice.