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Financial assistance has become more crucial than ever, especially in today’s economic situation. This would be one of the most important factors that students and parents would look for before selecting an institution to continue their studies.  Having financial support can be a motivation for students to make it through their higher education. Therefore, it is important to know that IUKL provides various financial assistance for students who need it. Our mission is to provide quality, recognized and affordable education for all.

How do I obtain IUKL Scholarhips?

IUKL scholarships are made available to students who perform well at the elementary levels, including SPM, STPM, O-Level, A-Level, UEC, Foundation Studies and Diploma.  With a minimum of 5As in your SPM or O-Level, you are entitiled for a 50% scholarship, and with 8As and above, you are entitled for a full scholarship. For STPM or A-Level students, you will only need a minimum CGPA of 3.00 for the 50% scholarships and 3.50 for full scholarship. Diploma and foundation graduates will need a minimum CGPA of 3.50 to be eligible for the partial scholarship and 3.75 and above for the full scholarship. As for students with UEC, 3 As will entitle you a 50% scholarship and 5 As for full scholarship.

Are there any other Scholarships that I can apply for?

In addition to the IUKL Scholarship, the University also collaborates with three major media education funds including the Star Education Fund, Sin Chew Education Fund and MAPCU Higher Education Scholarship Fund to provide deserving students an opportunity to pursue their higher education. The scholarships provided cover multiple disciplines at the diploma and degree level. The best thing about these scholarships is that, they are all bond free.

I am active in sports. Are there any special Scholarships for me?

IUKL Sports Excellence Scholarship is offered as a reward to students with outstanding sports achievement at the state and national level. This scholarship is for Malaysian students who have represented the state or the country in any sports competition, three years prior to joining IUKL. It is also offered to International students who have represented their country in any sports competition, three years prior to joining IUKL. Malaysian students are entitled for 100% waiver on tuition fee, while International students are entitled for 50% waiver on tuition fee throughout their study in IUKL.

If I score good grades every semester, do I get any discounts?

It pays to study hard at IUKL. In addition to the scholarships, the IUKL Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme is offered to all its existing students every semester. The scheme offers up to 50% off the semester tuition fee for students who manage to maintain a CGPA of 3.750 and above every semester. This is our initiative to encourage students to concentrate and excel in their studies, at the same time reduce the financial burden of students and parents. All you have to do is to study hard.

What other Financial Assistance can I benefit from?

The fee structure at IUKL is designed to ease the burden of students. The tuition fees per semester can be paid by flexible installment. Payments can be done throughout the semester and the latest payment can be made within two weeks before the semester examination.

Are there any study loans that I can apply for?

Being a full-fledged university, IUKL’s  programmes are fully approved by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Most of our programmes also have attained either partial or full accreditation from MQA. With this advantage, study loans such as PTPTN and financial assistance from the State Foundation are also available to students who choose to study at IUKL.


Having financial support can be a motivation for students to make it through their higher education.

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