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Help Academy (University of London International Programmes), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Why Study in Help Academy (University of London International Programmes)

Earn a University of London Degree

University of London degrees are arguably the most prestigious social science degrees offered in Malaysia, and they are available to study at HELP.

Quality Graduates

These programmes have nurtured many achievers, First Class Honours graduates, or winners of distinguished prizes and awards.

Affiliated with University of London

HELP is an Affiliate Centre of the University of London International Programmes – the highest recognition awarded by the University to an institution that offers teaching and support for the University of London International Programmes.

Courses Offered


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About Help Academy (University of London International Programmes)

University of London work with teaching institutions in Malaysia like HELP Academy to offer international programmes to your convenience. They offer degrees and diplomas in the area of Economics, Management, Finance, and Social Science that are designed and assessed by the London School of Economics and Political Science. HELP Academy offers full teaching support for these degrees.

The exams are set and graded in London. Even though you sit them locally, you know your degree is certified by a world class institution. 

The University of London International Programmes (as it is now known) was established in 1858 to provide access to UK degrees anywhere around the world. This makes the University of London the world’s oldest provider of degrees by distance and flexible learning.


Alumni Inspiration: Jeron Lee Kenzhen - BSc Accounting an...

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