Study Humanities and Social Sciences in Malaysia

This degree covers a lot of research , such as quantitative analysis and analysis regarding the cultural societies.

Humanities and Social Sciences in Malaysia

Humanities and Social Sciences is a programme that can be divided into two categories; humanities, a course that will teach you about arts, literature, religion, and philosophy. The second category is the science part, where you will be occupied with the human behaviour. You will get courses such as law, criminology, politics, and psychology.

If you are considering studying Humanities and Social Sciences, then Malaysia will be a very good fit for you as it is a country filled with culture and marvellous activities that will keep you entertained during your study.

Eligibility requirements

Malaysia has a few types of Higher Education. Admission requirements and year of duration is different for each type. It is advised to do research for your university of choice to make sure what their requirements contain of, before you start your preparation to study in Malaysia. As an international student you will also need a student visa of course. Most institutions will apply for your Visa, but there are other mediators that could apply for your visa as well.

Most of the time the requirements of a Bachelor's and a Master's degree will be similar to each other, but for a Master's degree you will need an undergraduate bachelor's diploma or its equivalent. 

Costs of studying Humanities and Social Sciences in Malaysia

Since this course is quite broad, the tuition fees will vary depending on which course you will take and whether you want to apply to a public or a private institution. The estimated value of the tuition fee for international students will be between RM 36,000 and RM 49,380. 

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