4 years
Jan Sep
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USD 30,500
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About this course

The programme of the Bachelor of Philosophy introduces students to the great perennial questions of the philosophical tradition of the West and the East. Studying questions that have relevance in all times, places, and the search for responses to these questions can dispel ignorance, promotes mutual understanding, bridges gaps between traditions and cultures, cherishes and appropriates the diverse intellectual and spiritual heritage of mankind, liberates from various forms of cultural indoctrination and prejudices, and leads to genuine human freedom. By working out a set of coherent answers to enduring questions, the study of philosophy challenges to translate philosophical principles into consistent guides for individual and social life. 

Entry Requirements

  • Applicants must possess a secondary school diploma that represents the successful completion of 12 years of schooling, or its equivalent, (applicants aged 25, or above, may be exempted from this requirement).
  • Bachelor applicants must be currently enrolled, or have completed, Form 6 / Senior Middle Three / Grade 12 students and be aged 17, or above, at the expected time of enrolment into USJ.
  • Applicants must also demonstrate adequate English proficiency.
  • Selected applicants may be required to complete an English test and an admission interview.
  • Other tests (e.g. essays or group dynamics and other language placement tests) may be requested of applicants, depending on the selected programme.